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PreviewBot - a live changing experience

Will it work with my theme?

The plugin is built for maximum compatibility. Nonetheless the WordPress eco system brought us myriads of themes and some of them do things differently than most. If you encounter a theme that makes our plugin look useless, please let us know!

What to do if I don't want my pages to refresh on all changes I make?

You have two options:

  1. Increase the “change detection delay” in your preview bot settings
  2. Just disable “automatic preview” in your preview bot metabox on your edit screen. You will still be able to refresh your preview windows using the keyboard shortcut you set up in the PreviewBot settings.

Why do I need to enter my purchase code to use the external notification server?

Since the notification server needs to be constantly maintained and resized we need to make sure we can keep up with the costs in the long run. Sadly PreviewBot has thousands of users but only few paying customers and therefore we had to restrict cost producing services to those who contribute to keeping us afloat.

Can I use one purchase code on more than one domain?

Honestly, we don’t care 😉 . As long as your usage is within our fair use range of calls per week, you can do whatever you like on whatever domains you edit on. There is no domain checking whatsoever, so we have no clue where your calls come from. All we do is count calls per license so we can identify gross misuse and can guarantee enough bandwidth for every user. By the way: It is highly unlikely that you will ever hit our fair use limit.

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