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For more information and ways to get support please visit our codecanyon page.

Slide There's a new bot in town: PreviewBot 2.0 Add a more professional preview to WordPress. Deliver better quality in less time and remove edit-preview cycles from your workflow.

Perfect Integration

PreviewBot works with most editors or page builders and even supports many custom attributes of third party plugins out of the box.

Get things done...faster

You know the drill: Every page you design or fill with content needs to be revised somehow. Be it a font that is too large, a sentence that is too long or a picture that is sized or aligned incorrectly. By seeing problems right when you edit or design your page you can save a lot of time. We know because we did - and that is how this plugin came to life.


Multiple preview

Open multiple preview windows (just copy paste the preview url into another tab) and test on more than one screen size at the same time. Safe time and get off the clock earlier!

Open as many preview windows as you like. All of them will refresh.

As pages are reloaded, Javascript will preview as well.

Gone are the preview restrictions of WooCommerce. Design away!

Less hooks are used when caching your preview data.

See your post in real WYSIWYG as you edit it. It is practically 1:1 right on your page.

Use Visual Composer / WPBakery CSS editor and preview changes live.

Not sure, yet? We set up an admin area for you to testdrive PreviewBot!

Improve your daily workflow now

Come on, you know you want it. Visit our codecanyon page and help make WordPress a pleasure to work with. Have fun and spread the word!

Help us spread the word and rate our plugin 5 stars on Codecanyon. If you are not satisfied please let us know and we give our best to help you.

If you have any ideas regarding extensions or new features (or stumbled upon incompatibilities) please let us know on Codecanyon.

We ourselves use this plugin so it continues to be in active development and more features are to come.

And flow to your work and get things done earlier. It is that simple.


Support & Downloads

For more information and ways to get support please visit our codecanyon page.

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